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Trip Report 28

  • Points:  1
  • Trip Dates:  July, 2005
  • Wilderness Area:  Henry M. Jackson
  • Wilderness Size:  100,356 acres
  • Location:  Western Washington
  • Destination:  Lake Valhalla
  • Total Miles:  Approximately 6
  • Duration:  Day hike

Lake Valhalla

I dragged my future wife, Wendy, and our two dogs up to this beautiful lake in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness.  It’s a pretty typical hike to an alpine lake in the Cascades.

The picture below is of our mutt, Dozer, retrieving a tennis ball from the water.  He will wade, but will not swim.  Our other dog, a Corgi named Codee, doesn’t retrieve, but loves to swim… Go figure.

Dog in the lake


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