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Trip Report 27

  • Points:  1
  • Trip Dates:  July, 2002
  • Wilderness Area:  Buckhorn
  • Wilderness Size:  44,258 acres
  • Location:  NW Washington (Olympic Peninsula)
  • Destination:  Marmot Pass
  • Total Miles:  10
  • Duration:  Day hike

Marmot Pass

The sound didn’t register at first.  But, once my brain processed it, I stopped and immediately looked up to the ridge where it came from.  It wasn’t like anything I had ever heard before–it was loud and long and sounded like a cross between a human scream and a wolf’s howl with a hint of monkey.  Now, I’m a skeptic on the question of Sasquach (bigfoot).  But, if you do some looking around on the internet for so-called “recordings” of Sasquach, I have to say that it is very similar to what I heard.  The fact that this trail was in the epicenter of Sasquach lore only added to the mystery.

I contend that whatever I heard was some kind of bird.  I never saw the animal that produced it.  When I heard the sound I was nearing the crest of Marmot Pass on the boundary between the Buckhorn Wilderness and the vast Olympic National Park.

I sat on a flat rock on the pass, alone, looking west into that massive wilderness of Olympic.  I was still a little bit nervous about the strang howling I heard just a few minutes prior. 

This is one area I would love to return to.  It is simply magnificent.  As it was, I had traversed the breadth of Buckhorn Wilderness from the east to the west and back.

The trail somewhat follows the very clear Quilcene River in a gentle incline before breaking higher and skirting the slopes to reach the timperline crest of Marmot Pass.  The views in both directions are amazing.

The photo above was found on the internet.


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