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Trip Report 20

  • Points:  1
  • Trip Dates:  1998
  • Wilderness Area:  Alpine Lakes
  • Wilderness Size:  362,789
  • Location:  Western Washington
  • Destination:  Lake Dorothy
  • Total Miles:  7
  • Duration:  Day Hike

Lake Dorothy in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

I moved to Seattle right after graduading from college at CSU (Colorado State University) in the summer of 1997 and I stayed there until March, 2006 when I moved back to Colorado.

The state of Washington has some unbelievable wilderness.  In fact, it is underrated in my opinion.  For raw mountain splendor I don’t think there is an equal outside of Alaska.  For wilderness size, Washington’s North Cascades, from the Canadian border down to Interstate 90 is pretty much one continuous wilderness area with only Highways 20 and 2 cutthing throught the middle–an area of several million acres.

One of those wilderness areas is the Alpine Lakes.  Due to its proximity to the Seattle area, it is a very heavily used wilderness in some areas.  But, there are literally hundreds of alpine lakes, hence its name.

Lake Dorothy was my introduction to the Cascades and a good one it was.  One of the larger lakes in the wilderness, the lake itself is an expanse of refreshing blue water amidst the peaks, and a good trail takes the hiker to the lake, along its shores and well beyond to further lakes and passes.  I was on a day-hike, so I turned around at the far end of the lake.

The picture above was found on the internet.


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