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Trip Report 34

  • Points earned:  1
  • Trip dates:  June, 2009
  • Wilderness Area:  Cohutta
  • Wilderness Size:  36,977 acres
  • Location:  Northwest Georgia
  • Destination:  Conasauga River
  • Total Miles:  6
  • Duration:  Day hike

Either the Conasauga or the Jacks River in the rugged Cohutta Wilderness

The Cohutta is the largest wilderness area in Georgia besides the vast swamp of the Okefenokee.  It is also one of the largest in the Appalacian Mountains.  I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first wilderness hike in the Eastern US.  I was surprised at the ruggedness and relative remoteness of the wilderness.

The main features of the Cohutta are the two rivers Conasauga and Jacks.  About equal in size they are both swift and tumbling clear mountain streams about 20-30 feet wide.

The trail started high above the Conasauga River and dropped down relatively steeply through dense forest to the river below after about 1.5 miles.  Once I reached the river I followed the trail upstream for about another 1.5 miles until I lost the trail.  I figured that was a good turn-around point for a day hike.  I backtracked to the point where the trail began its uphill climb back to the trailhead and stopped there.  The dog, Dozer, and I spent a very nice couple of hours lounging in the sun on a big flat rock in the middle of the river.  I tried my luck for the trout that are supposedly in the river, but all I caught was a 3-inch mystery fish.  It was bright silver with a sucker-like mouth–definitely not a trout.

After the nice afternoon in the sun, we walked the remaining 1.5 miles back up to the trailhead, and then the 2.5 hour drive from there back to the northern Atlanta suburbs.

Oddly, I don’t think I took any pictures.  I don’t remember, but I must have forgotten my camera.  The picture above was found on the internet.


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