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Trip Report 16

  • Points:  2
  • Trip Dates:  August, 1996
  • Wilderness Area:  Sarvice Creek
  • Location:  Northern Colorado
  • Wilderness Size:  47,140 acres
  • Destination:  Sarvice Creek Headwaters
  • Total Miles:  Approximately 17
  • Duration:  2 nights

Sarvice Creek

I dangled the little worm about an inch above the surface of the clear water.  The 5-inch brookie jumped from the water and grabbed the worm from mid-air!

Sarvice Creek Wilderness is probably one of the least visited areas in Colorado.  No high alpine scenery and no lakes equals few people.  That was perfectly alright with me because what it did offer, in addition to the solitude, was an unbelievably clear mountain stream (Sarvice Creek), a beautiful forest valley, and one wonderful campsite.

The lower part of the hike was hot and dry with some hostile-looking cows grazing nearby.  It wasn’t long, however, before the trail crossed the beautiful small stream.  Its perfectly clear waters danced around, over and under rocks of all sizes and shapes.  Continuing on, the trail gradually gained altitude and reached into a cooler forest of aspens and conifer.  After about 6 or 7 miles I reached what looked like an old cabin from “frontier days.” Near the cabin was a spectacular campsite near a grove of trees with a vew out to the meandering creek and aspen-cloaked slopes on the other side.

Next day I fished in the creek which was positively over-populated with brookies.  I probably caught more than 50, keeping a few for dinner, releasing most.  None were over 8 inches, and they were in such competition for food that fishing for them wasn’t even a challenge.

In the afternoon, I took a day-hike about 2.5 miles farther up the trail as it broke away from the stream and climbed up a hillside overlooking the valley.  At the top of the hill I turned around and went back to camp for the second night.  The next morning I hiked back out.  I saw a couple of hikers the first day in the lower mile or two of the trail.  Other than that I saw no one else–on a summer weekend.  If you don’t have to have a lake or spectacular peaks, wilderness solitude can still be found in Colorado even on summer weekends!

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