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Trip Report 13

  • Points:  2
  • Trip Dates:  June, 1996
  • Wilderness Area:  Rawah
  • Wilderness Size:  73,068 acres
  • Location:  Northern Colorado
  • Destination:  Rawah Crest via McIntyre Creek
  • Total Miles:  Approximately 18
  • Duration:  2 nights

Rawah Wilderness

“I don’t need to purify this water,” I thought to myself. “It’s cool, clean water in the mountains… It’s good!”

This is what I told myself on a previous overnighter that I spent in the Troublesome roadless area (not a designated wilderness).  Two weeks later I was suffering the consequences.  Giardia is not fun and it does funny things to you, like making you vomit after a sip of beer.  Most commonly it involves involuntary explosive diarrhea.

I thought that I had recovered from my bout with giardia before this trip to the Rawahs but it reoccurred on the trail.  Needless to say I left a few “presents” along the way and wasn’t feeling my best.

Despite my intestinal troubles, I did make the full loop of approximately 18 miles all the way up to the crest of the range and back.  Being mid-June, there was still snow above about 10,000 feet and I was temporarily lost near timberline as the trail dissappeared under large fields of snow.

After finding the trail again and dropping back down below the snow, I camped on a beautiful spot next to McIntyre Creek, then returned to the trailhead the following morning.

The Rawah is an interesting wilderness area that covers the spine of the Rockies that extends north from Rocky Mountain National Park.  The Rawah is one of those wilderness areas that I’ve wanted to return to and “do it right” next time.  This is why I devised the point system rather than just a straight count of wilderness areas.  I can go back to the Rawah two more times and add a half point each to my goal of 150!

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