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Trip Report 12

  • Points:  1
  • Trip Dates:  August, 1994
  • Wilderness Area:  Mount Sneffels
  • Wilderness Size:  16,566 acres
  • Location:  SW Colorado
  • Destination:  Mount Sneffels Summit
  • Total Miles:  6
  • Duration:  Day hike

Mount Sneffels

Yankee Boy Road access to Mt. Sneffels Trailhead

It was my second attempt on the summit of Mount Sneffels (14,156 feet).  The previous October I went with a group from college.  We arrived at the trailhead that night in a heavy snow and woke the next morning to a stunning blanket of white covering the mountains.  Still, we attempted the climb, making it to about 13,000 feet, at times through 2 feet of snow, before it became too slick on the talus slope to proceed.

On this trip in mid-summer, though, it was a clear blue day with the famous wildflowers of Yankee Boy Basin in glorious bloom.

Mount Sneffels is one of Colorado’s most beautiful fourteeners.  It’s rugged slopes and summit dominate its surroundings like few other Colorado peaks.  And, its setting in the San Juans is something special.

The hike itself from Yankee Boy is short, steep and sweet.  Categorized as a class 2+ climb it is a little more than just a walk-up, but not particularly difficult for anyone willing to use their hands a little bit.  One of the things I remember is that from the summit of Sneffels, looking down into the basin, you get one of the best views possible of a rock glacier.  A rock glacier behaves somewhat like an ice glacier, gradually moving down with gravity, and it takes on the appearance of having movement if you look closely.

One of the most memorable features of this trip is actually the access road up to the trailhead in Yankee Boy Basin.  This dirt road runs along a true shelf with a sheer drop to the left and a straight-up rise on the right.  At one point the right side actually overhangs the road completely making for a natural three-quarter tunnel with only the left side open, as shown in the picture above.

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