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Trip Report 15

  • Points:  1
  • Trip Dates:  June, 1996
  • Wilderness Area:  Commanche Peak
  • Wilderness Size:  66,791 acres
  • Location:  Northern Colorado
  • Destination:  Little Beaver Creek
  • Total Miles:  Approximately 5 miles
  • Duration:  Day Hike

Little Beaver Creek in Commanche Peak Wilderness

This was a misty, foggy day in Commanche Peak and when I returned to my truck at the trailhead I found that I had left my headlights on and I had a dead battery.  Fortunately, there was a fisherman nearby who was trying his luck in the Little South Fork of the Cache La Poudre.  I had the cables and he had the good battery, and I was on my way.

I had no real destination in mind on this day-hike and I can’t recall exactly where I went other than it was around five or six miles total and along Little Beaver Creek from the Pingree Park Trailhead.  I do remember walking down one branch of Beaver Creek and then turning around and walking up the stream in the other direction.  My turn-around point was a beautiful ultra-green meadow and I remember distinctly the stark presence of large boulders and huge lone ponderosa pines. 

This wilderness is bordered on the south by Rocky Mountain National Park, so it actually is part of a much larger wildland area than its official 66,000 acres.  I understand that parts of ths wilderness see heavy use due to its proximity to the Front Range.  But, as with all wilderness areas, solitude can be found with a little creativity in timing, destination and route.

I never went into the heart of the wilderness, though, and I would like to return to this one for a more thorough experience of the Commanche Peak Wilderness.

The photo above was found on the internet.


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